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You brought me here to speak Klingon, so let me speak Klingon. 

this was just supposed to be a portrait, but then I ended up playing around with filters and this happened. 


People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter


Jess/Jules, getting married in style, aka where Bend it Like Beckham should have gone ;__;

Full size (which you should totally click on because those all those fiddly little details were really fun to do :D)



gunna have to call bullshit on this

ive never seen anyone actually calculate just how many spiders spiders georg would have to eat per day in order to affect global spider eating statistics to the extent that he does

it adds so much to be able to envision exactly the speed at which he consumes them


and of course there’s always that secondary option of just not showing that side of his face

(I actually can draw Odion’s scars, you guys)



i find it incredibly frustrating that there’s art that features ishizu and marik in it but most of the time rishid’s not in the picture


excuse me

rishid’s their brother too don’t leave him out. i don’t care how hard it is to draw those scars on his face, you could even just draw a whole bunch of hearts or something dumb like that, but put him with his brother and sister because he’s amazing and deserves to share the spotlight with his family k thanks.

"whole bunch of hearts or something"

No but it makes sense

those scars are scars of love


If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

#that bunny is an inspiration to all of us


so what i’m taking away from Star Trek #29 is that Lea McCoy is super pretty and that peripheral female characters from TOS get to be included and respected in the reboot!verse so long as they become men

I’m taking away so much from this single page that this post desperately needs a read-more! If I could read the entire comic I’d probably end up with a word count in the thousands.

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Dark world gag reel x


#he looks like he’s playing peekaboo with a small chld #which fills me with awful sickeningly sweet daddy thor imgery

1) exactly, 2) omg. Stupefyingly cute.